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8973 Ankerson
El Paso, TX 79904

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Basic Information
This facility offers Solana Tlc Assisted LivingAssisted Living in El Paso County and is operated by Twg Investments Ltd . Solana Tlc has a current rating of 5/10 based on 1 Review(s) by Assisted Senior Living users. Solana Tlc is listed as a for-profit limited liability partnership. The nearest services to Solana Tlc are Sunshine Home, Serenity House Assisted Living, La Familia Assisting Living, Rosemary Williams Melendez Casa Felicitas II and Margarita Castanon Foster Home Care. This facility/service is rated for 16 seniors. This service is described as Assisted Living.
Warning: This facility may have had a previous violation during a state inspections. This could be a very simple issue or a safely-related issue. Please check the state licensing site and/or for more details.
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Contact Information
Name: Solana Tlc
Address: 8973 Ankerson
Location: El Paso, TX 79904
County: El Paso
(888) 655-5454
(915) 755-4291
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Org. Type: for-profit limited liability partnership
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Details About Solana Tlc
Solana Tlc offers assisted living to seniors. Assisted living is a service for people who need help with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Assisted living facilities are special facilities that span the gap between independent living communties and nursing homes.

Residents in an assisted living facilty like Solana Tlc typically lead an active lifestyle but need help with some basic daily needs. Assisted living facilities offer services like assistance with medication, mobility, meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping.

Typically assisted living facilities like Solana Tlc require private pay in most cases. Assisted living is typcally not covered by Medicare and Medicaid but there are some exceptions. The typical cost for assisted living is about $2800 per month (U.S. average) for the basic program. Most facilities offer additional services at an additional cost. Please call (888) 655-5454 for assistance with this service.

Solana Tlc supports residents in El Paso county and the surrounding areas.This facility/service is rated for 16 seniors. Larger facilities tend of have more staff and offer a wider range of services while smaller services offer most personnal service. Solana Tlc is owned and operated by Twg Investments Ltd.
Solana Tlc Reviews
5 Star Rating Administrative Warning
An inspection of Solana TLC occurred on 10/17/2007 . There were 7 violations of state standards cited.
Posted by: Admin On 06/17/2008 Add your review of Solana Tlc

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