This directory includes 0 Kauai Alzheimer's Care providers. Since there are less than 5000 Alzheimer's care centers in the United States, your options may be slim. Most major cities have some options but you are really lucky to have any choices in a rural areas. We list Kauai Alzheimer's care facilities on this site as a reference. The best source for help finding care for someone is to call the Alzheimer's is Alzheimer's Association at but don't use their on-line search. It includes less options than this site. They have regional chapters in every state. Most but no all Kauai chapters keep an up to data list of Alzheimer's facilities in their area.

In the early stages of Alzheimer's, when a senior doesn't require 24 hour supervision, you may to consider want to consider a Kauai CCRC, assisted living or in-home care. A CCRC allows seniors the benefit of making just one transition into a care facility and then can move into special areas based on their needs. Assisted Living is a much higher standard of living than a locked-down memory care unit. In-home care can be the least expensive senior care but does place additional load on the family. If Kauai, Hawaii does not have enough options use the links on the right to expand your search.

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