Here are some photos of Hull Houston Teegardin. He passed away on 5/18/09 at the Gardens of Sandy Springs Assisted Living.

  Assisted Living Rockstar  

Hull was usually the guy behind the camera so we were not able to find many pictures of him. He took tons of picture of us kids.

Here is the oldest picture of Hull. This is from the newspaper.

Hull And Eileen at their wedding and then leaving for the Honeymoon.

Hull And Eileen's First Apartment in Tallahassee

Hull and Eileen at the house on Powers Ferry Road.

Christmas around 1980

Thanksgiving in 1980s.

These picture are at Opryland USA around 1980.

Hull Worked at Scientific Atlanta (Now Cisco) for over 50 years. He was one of the first few employees and loved his work. After his retirement, he continued to go into work for over a year even though he wasn't getting paid.

Hull was married twice. Originally to my mother, Eileen Teegardin. They had 2 kids, Kenton and Teela . Eileen Teegardin died in 1996. Hull married Aileen Roberts in 2006. Aileen died in 2008.

His hobbies were martinis, champagne, model RailRoads, HAM radio (WA4DDL) and magic tricks. In his early retirement, his life focused on going out to lunch at nice restaurants around Sandy Springs. Every day, he would visit a one of this favorite restaurants.

Hull continued to drive one of his fleet of old cars (include a Lincoln Versailles, Lincoln Town Car, Thunderbird, and Toyota Supra) into his 80s (until his first stroke). After his stroke, he was assisted by Rosie Beans. Rosie made a the last years of Hull's life enjoyable and easy.