For many people,the transition to to retirement or the caring for a loved one is one of the most difficult tasks that they will ever face. Senior Living often requires changes in lifestyle that seniors may not embrace. These changes can causes conflict between the senior and their family and this frequently makes this relationship a very stressful one. Most humans by nature are stubborn and do not embrace change, the older we get the more stubborn we become. This make even the smallest change stressful. Losing the ability to drive your own car, needing assistance with daily activities and getting special help with emotional issues are all forced changes that are very painful for senior. Often the stress associated with these changes, even for the better good of the senior, is extremely high.

This web site was designed to present options for dealing with high-stress issues like choosing senior care and making changes for the better of seniors. The information presented is designed to address the special needs of seniors and we try to present as many options for planning a happy retirement and solving senior "problems" as possible.

The key to a successful transition is understanding your options.

Select The Right Senior Living Option Financial Planning
  • Introduction To Financial Planning
  • Living Will
  • Last Will And Testament
  • Financial Power Of Attorney
  • Retirement Budget
Daily Safety Issues
  • Stairs
  • Clutter
  • Memory Related Accidents
  • Avoiding Senior Scams
Changes In Freedom
  • Giving Up The Car
  • Giving Up The Old Family Home
Special Health Care Issues
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Prostrate Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Loss Of Hearing
  • Loss Of Sight
  • Arthritis And Inflammation

Emotional Care For Seniors

Socialization And Activities
  • Socialization
  • Daily Routines

These articles are a good starting point for those that are new to retirement planning and care giving. Every situation and every person is different so each issue requires a unique strategy based on the personality of the senior and the care giver. Our goal here is to present enough options that most people can develop their own strategy for planning their retirement or for caring for a senior. All these articles link to other resources for further research.