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1620 Wheeler St
Emporia, KS 66801

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This facility offers Nursing Home Services at Flint Hills Care CenterNursing Home Services in Lyon County. Flint Hills Care Center has a current rating of 0/10 based on 1 Review(s) by Assisted Senior Living users. Flint Hills Care Center is listed as a For profit - Individual . The nearest services to Flint Hills Care Center are State Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, Sterling House of Emporia, Emporia Presbyterian Manor, Holiday Resort and Newman Home Health. This facility/service is rated for 72 seniors. This service is described as Nursing Home Facility.
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Contact Information
Name: Flint Hills Care Center
Address: 1620 Wheeler St
Location: Emporia, KS 66801
County: Lyon
(888) 655-5454
(620) 342-3280
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Medicare Accepted / Medicaid Accepted
Org. Type: For profit - Individual
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Flint Hills Care Center Reviews
0 Star Rating I admitted my Mother
I admitted my Mother, in to the Flint Hills Care Facility at 1620 Wheeler St, Emporia Kansas! This was the beginning of one of the most, Humiliating, Experience, to Date in my Life! Not only am I Lost, Scared, & My Heart is Broken! What have I done? How did it turn out that, it would be me? I would be the one who would leave My loved one, in the hands of a Nursing Home! Like I am not already Mind beating myself over what I just Done! I get the Pleasure of meeting the Director of Nursing: Mrs. Greigory! Had I met this Woman before I Admitted my Mother, I would of never, left my Loved One Under her care! I think it is a Shame when others, choose to Judge! I had never met this woman in my life, & just because I do not wear Fancy clothes & I am not rich, in her eyes she felt the need to berate me as if I was a Worthless part of Humanity! As far as pulling her Hand back, after she had offered it to me! Saying: She was Sick, then looking me over, & stated, in a (Rude) Voice, WE HAVE A CHAIN OF COMMAND! Lecturing me like I was one of her Employee?s! I had already signed the Admittance Papers! Do Trust What I say, as God is my Witness! Today?s date is 10/05/2010; it has been the Worst 7-Day?s of my Life! My Mother is there only to have help Understanding, her new Medication after her sugary. Not only in this 7 days, have I Seen with my own Eyes, my Mother & I, have had to go & find the LPN, Charge Nurse, & ask them for her Insulin shot. Only to hear Oh I Am Sorry, I Forgot you 1 ? hours late! And then the Room, my Mother was set up in, is a Small, & already has a Wonderful, Lady, who, by the looks of the room, had made this, her little home, & she had been the only Mistress, of this Small Domain, for Many, Many, Days/Years, Her Heaven, & the Space allowed for my Mother was the size of a twin bed, from the head of the bed to the wall, just past the foot of her bed! That was after moving a small amount of her roommates, belongings (How Embarrassing!) After Mentally Beating myself up, for what I was doing, I get to Hurt another Person, not like I don?t Have enough, Guilt, I get to carry even more Guilt! There is not even enough room for me to put a small Bedside table in the room so my Mother could read a book. That was too heavy for her to hold! My Sister-In-Law, got a call from Our Mother, on 10/02/10, asked her if she would come & get her & help her take a shower! She was told, she would get one on 10/01/10! No one Ever did give her a Shower or even took the time to tell her, that she would not be getting this Shower, as she sat in the room all day, waiting. How Sad! So when my Sister-In-Law, showed up on 10/02/10 to get Mom, she was treated so Rude, & was told by the Charge Nurse (MW) that she could not give Mom a Shower!! Well needless to say, the Actions & the way she was talked down to, did not Sit well with my Sister-In-Law! & Then, to add Insult to Injury my Mother & Sister-In- Law, was told that if they were not back in 4 hours, that Mom would be Kicked Out! (Wow). My Mother, Got That Shower, thanks to my Sister-In-Law, Not the Flint Hills Care Center! Then on 10/03/10, I went to get my Mother & take her out for a Ride & I was treated by the same Charge Nurse (MW) with the same Animosity, & the same Threat of being Kicked Out! (My Mother, has no exercises or physical therapy on the weekend, all she has to do is just sit there. In my opinion, taking my Mom out & keeping her in the Living, is Just as Important as her physical therapy & exercising, & getting in & out of my Truck, to me, is better then sitting there & not getting any exercise. This way she would still be exercising not only her Body, but her Mind, as well!) I spent the first 22 years of my working life, as a Caregiver, & in all those years, I had never, ever, once experienced, such Disregard, of Life, as these 7 days have showed me! (Wow). Just the Encouragement that a person needs, after their life has just been turned upside down! The Treatment that the Flint Hills Care Center, @ 1620 Wheeler St, in Emporia Kansas, in my Opinion is a Heartless, Non-Caring, Money Grabbing, Establishment! & The Quality of care, they say, they will give your Loved One on their web-site Paints a pretty Picture of the Quality Care, your Loved One, will be left in! And there was Never a place set at the Dinning Table, She would have to ask, Where is my Food? Once again Oh, I?m so sorry! This has happened everyday. Then she was told, you can only have 2 Showers a week! 10/04/2010, I could no longer sit by & watch the treatment of my Mother Anymore! I called the Flint Hills Care Center @ 1620 Wheeler St, Emporia Kansas, & asked to speak to Mrs. Greigory, The Director of Nursing, to inform her that my Mother had a Doctor?s appointment @ 10:15am, & that she needed a Shower & that her Idea, of my Mother taking the L- Cat, was out of the Question, & that my Mother, would like to be clean! (I know, I always take a Shower before I go see the Doctor. Is this not a normal ...
Posted by: nlarsen On 10/06/2010 Add your review of Flint Hills Care Center

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