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40 Park Street
Norwich, NY 13815

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This facility offers Nursing Home Services at Valley View Manor Nursing HomeNursing Home Services in Chenango County. Valley View Manor Nursing Home has a current rating of 0/10 based on 1 Review(s) by Assisted Senior Living users. Valley View Manor Nursing Home is listed as a for-profit corporation. The nearest services to Valley View Manor Nursing Home are Chenango Memorial Hospital, Pearl And Everett Gilmour Health Care Facility, Chenango Valley Home, Chenango County Department of Public Health and Hospice of Chenango County. This facility/service is rated for 82 seniors. This service is described as Nursing Home Facility.
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Name: Valley View Manor Nursing Home
Address: 40 Park Street
Location: Norwich, NY 13815
County: Chenango
(866) 466-6323
(607) 334-9931
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Medicare Accepted / Medicaid Accepted
Org. Type: for-profit corporation
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Valley View Manor Nursing Home Reviews
0 Star Rating This Is Not A Good Nursing Home
Hello everyone my name is Linda I have been visiting a 86 year old friend in this facility for almost 10 years. I used to be a private home health care provider for 20 years. My friend seemed happy for the first 9 years at one time it was the same faces all the staff were AWESOME. Then in the last year a new owner bought the facility that is when everything changed. They cut the staff down its gone DOWNHILL FAST. Last summer my friends blue blanket was smelly and stained of urine. He was always wet. I did not say much he does not like the food his son who is a angel brings in three meals in a day for his father. I left in Oct. 09 and came back on may 2010 nothing had changed. IT WAS MY MISSION TO TAKE CHARGE AND KEEP MY GOOD FRIEND DRY. That was when all my problems started. There are some aids there that are just there for there pay check you can tell they really hate there job. It was like fighting city hall in there it just caused a hostile environment for all of us. I was coming in all hours around the clock, i would show up at 3.30am checking on my friend a aid told me it was just two of them working in the night plus two nurses. NO WONDER HE WAS WET! His sheets were soaking wet with urine every morning. WOW imagine laying like that it disgusts me, then in june he had ants crawling all over the room. I took charge to try and get them to take care of that. The housekeeping staff told me they notified the staff that there were ants but nobody listened. No problem all is taken care of. A resident told all the staff he was going home and out he went at 8.15pm at night in his wheel chair no staff member see him leave. Thank god a friend and I saw him coming out of the facility. I saw a poor old lady shut out of her unit she was still in the building her night gown was stained she could have left the facility. First time ever I called the state of NY I was told that was a lost cause, well that person was right. The lady from the state told me she liked the administrator Judd and she got on very well with all the staff in rome ny. I dont think two aids and two nurses taking care of 82 residents is enough what kind of quality care can they give? I talked to the lady from the state today she told me on paper this facility showed there were more than two aids working the night shift, I told her that is not true I would show up very ealy in the morning I would ask how many aids were working they do not match up with what this facility said. Then I asked her do you find out the names and check out the time cards and pay to verify this she told me NO she does not do that she only goes by numbers........OH REALLY YOU FIGURE THAT OUT!.......The bottom line is that I have been banned from this facility WHY because I witnessed too much! I was a threat to the administrator and he had to get rid of me. My final BAN he told his son that I asked a aid to toilet his dad before I left.....TRUE well the administrator JUDD did not want a visitor to do that, so he told the son to tell me I was BANNED FROM THE FACILITY.....IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT AND THEY FIND OUT YOU CALLED THEY WILL TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR LOVED ONE. And they do not give out drug tests for all the employees in this facility, so if you dont want a aid who is high taking care of your loved one do not put them in this facility. There is the veterans home I love that facility they are first class. I have started to protest out side this nursing home the real reason why I was banned was because I called in the state.
Posted by: nlarsen On 09/20/2010 Add your review of Valley View Manor Nursing Home

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