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There is no federal agency that regulates assisted living facilities in the U.S. It's done at the state level. The Texas Department of Human Services licenses assisted living facilities as Personal Care Facilities. Only facilities with more than four residents require a license. Facilities are categorized as Type A, B, and E. Type A facilities only accept residents who are able to evacuate the premises unassisted and that don't require routine nighttime attendance.

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2020 DurangoLaredo, TX 78046 Las Violetas Senior Residential Home offers elder care (assisted living) and is operated by Jean Salinas.
(956) 722-6886
131 PalenciaLaredo, TX 78040 Emily Valdez offers elder care (assisted living) and is operated by Emily T. Valdez.
( ) -
129 PalenciaLaredo, TX 78046 Casa Bendita offers assisted living and is operated by Betty E Ortiz.
(956) 753-9205
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