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3440 S Jefferson Street
Falls Church, VA 22041

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This facility offers Continuum CareContinuum Care Independent Living at Goodwin House Bailey's CrossroadsIndependent Living Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads Assisted LivingAssisted Living Nursing Home Services at Goodwin House Bailey's CrossroadsNursing Home Services Hospice CareHospice Care in Fairfax County and is operated by Goodwind House Foundation . Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads has a current rating of 2/10 based on 1 Review(s) by Assisted Senior Living users. Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads is listed as a Non profit - Church related. The nearest services to Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads are Health Care Concepts New, Esprit Homecare, Goodwin House, Dawes House and Goodwin House Alexandria. This facility/service is rated for 500 seniors. This service is described as Nursing Home Facility.
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Contact Information
Name: Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads
Address: 3440 S Jefferson Street
Location: Falls Church, VA 22041
County: Fairfax
(877) 386-8069
(703) 578-7262
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Medicare Accepted / Medicaid Accepted
Org. Type: Non profit - Church related
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Details About Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads

Live among friendly, active neighbors who delight in cultural interests,munity involvement and a passion for living. Set on eight scenic acres within view of the Washington Monument, this urban oasis is a short walk from shops and restaurants and a short ride to Washington D.C. and Old Town Alexandria. Stimulating campus activities, an attractive, no-maintenance home, incomparable service, and a long-term, holistic approach to healthcare make this community a highly preferred choice. Exciting new expansion plans are building on this outstanding quality and will enable more people to enjoy this extraordinary way of life.
At Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads, an engaging atmosphere stirs both mind and spirit. Here a mix of talented individuals and art buffs of all genres share a lively exchange of ideas and cheerful companionship. In this metropolitan retirement community, it’s easy to sample new experiences, explore long time interests, volunteer your time and gifts, and share your enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. Choose from an infinite selection of stimulating campus activities  and exciting city attractions.

    * Explore your artistic talents
    * Expand your computer skills
    * Cultivate a garden
    * Continue learning through classes on site and at local colleges
    * Shop in area boutiques and nearby malls
    * Enjoy a wide variety of performing arts at local theaters
    * Browse art galleries, museums and nearby attractions
    * Dine with friends on site or at one of countless area restaurants
    * Play a round of golf, learn to line dance or take yoga at our fitness club
    * Join a bridge game, book club or billiards tournament
    * Attend a sporting event
    * Volunteer at a local school, hospital, church, theater or museum
    * Relax with a good book or have a massage
    * Participate in community activities (see our calendar of events) and so much more!

Come to an open house and see for yourself how wonderful retirement life can be!

Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads Reviews
2 Star Rating Not for the seriously ill
When my mother became very ill, she moved from her "independent-living apartment" at Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads to the nursing-care floor (in the same building). After a time, which included hospital stays for operations, we attempted to hire nurses aides and an LPN from two different, reputable agencies to stay with my mother at night. GHBC seemed to do everything possible, short of barricading the entrance, to prevent the hiring of these outside aides. At first, rationalizations were offered for not hiring an aide: e.g. an aide would give my mother too much help and she would not learn to be independent. This made little sense, as, for instance, GH aides would wash my mother's face and brush her hair when she could and wanted to do these things for herself. When we did finally make attempts to hire an aide from an outside agency, despite being repeatedly discouraged from doing so, Goodwin House set up ridiculous hurdles for these agencies. Unfortunately for my mother, the nursing facility was ultimately successful in keeping aides from outside agencies out. Both external nursing agencies told me that they had never had so much trouble in dealing with a nursing home and that they had the strong impression that they were deliberately being kept out. One very highly-recommended agency told me that they had never encountered such extreme roadblocks. Goodwin House did inform us that we could their hire their aides from their facility---for over double the going-rate for aides--$38 per hour versus $16 - $18 per hour for aides from the agencies. Various rationalizations were given for this one-hundred plus percent difference in hourly rates. When I went myself to check on my mother at night, I was harassed by some of the staff. I witnessed neglect and ill-treatment of my parent. Several times, while I was still in the hallway---before I had even entered my mother's room, I heard her crying out for help--help that she indeed needed and if not give to her in a timely way, could have serious adverse effects on her health. One night, when I went to check on my mother, an aide came in the room and yelled at me to get out. She turned on the brightest lights in the room, yelled at me some more, then went over to my seriously-ill mother?s bed where my mother was soundly sleeping, and announced (yelled) her presence, startling my mother awake. Before my mother had a chance to fully wake up and get her bearings, the aide engaged in a standard procedure that would normally cause minimal discomfort at most. However, the aide was so rough that my mother, who is quite stoic, repeatedly cried out in pain. There was no justifiable reason for this rough treatment and causing my mother such pain. After this incident, staff members actually accused me of waking my mother up at night---claiming that was why she slept too much during the day. (Needless to say, they offered no explanation as to why she slept just as much during the day when I didn't check on her at night.) The daytime behavior of some of the staff/administration was equally abysmal. including blocking access to my mother with blatant untruths and giving her poor care. For example, a nurse doing an assessment/checkup on my mother (who was ill and disoriented upon her return from a hospital stay for an operation) in my mother?s large, sparsely furnished single room, refused to let me in the room, despite the fact that my mother wanted me there, because, the nurse repeatedly claimed, "there wasn't enough room." After I questioned her about this, she changed her line to ?out of respect for my mother's privacy?--an equally nonsensical claim on a number of levels. When I was finally allowed in, the nurse then left the room---leaving the call button on the floor, the phone and water glass well out of my mother?s ability to reach, and the bed sheet pulled around my mother?s legs so tightly that she couldn't move them---this after the doctors and nurses at the hospital had given clear instructions that it was vital for my mother, because of her serious medical conditions, to be moving her legs. And, of course, my mother was clearly upset. Within a few hours of this incident, this particular nurse, along with another nurse from the facility, made a bizarre complaint about me: they claimed that I had supposedly ?slammed a door? and ?hit a wall.? On top of all of that, the director of nursing then threatened to bar me from visiting my mother. (These false accusations and this threat were not made to directly to me. Instead, they were made to my already very-worried elderly father. This manipulative behavior by the staff was the last thing he needed to be dealing with: the added stress was clearly not good for his health.) In my mother's room, the call button was often on the floor or placed in a location where my mother clearly could not reach it. ...
Posted by: family234 On 05/28/2010 Add your review of Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads

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