This directory includes 0 St. Petersburg Hospice service providers. It is the goal of hospice care professionals to help seniors, who are dying, to feel peace, comfort and dignity. These services may also provide comfort to the families in this difficult time. Hospice care ranges from basic pain control to spa treatments, assistance with bucket list items, and other special service to help comfort the dying. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have a hospice program.

Many seniors go directly from the hospital to Hospice Care after a serious fall, aneurysm or stroke. In this case, the hospital may make a recommendation for a Hospice care provider (that pays the hospital for customers) and most family are too grief stricken to look for other options. If a senior has a slowly degrading medical condition, the family has more time to find a Florida Hospice Care center that will make a difference. Either way, this time is very stressful.

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