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Although Arkansas has approximately 350,000 seniors, they constitute almost 14% of the population ranking Arkansas the11th highest percentage senior population state. In many states with a large percentage of senior population, businesses abound to support this growing market. As we are just beginning the first phase of a change in the demographics (to an even larger senior population), it is desirable to live in an area that supports a wide variety of senior living options. With an overall cost of living index of 90 (compared to a national average of 100), Arkansas is it an inexpensive place to live and your retirement dollars will take you much further.

Arkansas assisted living facilitiesThese factors combine to make Arkansas a great place to retire, especially in the larger areas like Little Rock. The larger areas usually have better health care services that can be critical to seniors with special needs. Emergency care, cancer treatment, memory care and other special senior services may only be available in the more densely populated areas of Arkansas. When choosing an assisted living facility, nursing home or other senior living option,  you must weigh special medical needs with the desire to have senior housing near friends and family. Proximity to a first-class emergency-room and other specialty senior health care services can help extend the life of a senior and minimize any damages that can happen during a fall, aneurysm or stroke.

Arkansas Assisted Living Facility Government Regulation

The Arkansas Department of Human Services, Office of Long-Term Care is responsible for inspection of assisted living facilities. They perform inspections on an annual basis. Their standard is to post inspection reports at the facility and you may also contact the Freedom of Information Division of the Office of Long-Term Care at 501-682-8466 to request a copy of an inspection report. You may also use this number to request copies of complaints. It is best to narrow your selection down to a few facilities before you contact the Arkansas DoHS.

To make a complaint against an assisted living facility in Arkansas, call the complaint department at the Office of Long-Term Care at 501-682-8430. We also ask that you take a few minutes and write a review on this site to help get the information out to others searching for an Arkansas assisted living facility. You can include in your review the fact that an official complaint has been registered against the nursing home or assisted living facility. Your Arkansas Ombudsman is another key resource if you are having care problems. You can contact Katie at:

  • Kathie Gately, State LTC Ombudsman
  • AR Division of Aging & Adult Services
  • PO 1437, Slot S-540, Little Rock, AR 72203
  • Phone: (501)682-8952 Fax: (501)682-6393

These government agencies are available for help to anyone with Arkansas assisted living care problems.

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