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There are less than 200,000 seniors in the state of Maine but seniors make up almost 15% of the population ranking them as the fifth highest density of seniors in the country. The overall Maine cost of living index for Maine is 109 with housing at 114 and health care at 105. These factors combined with severe weather in Maine can make retirement difficult but very rewarding. Although there is a good variety of assisted living facilities in Maine, the overall population is relatively small resulting in less specialty services for seniors. The cities of Portland, Lewiston and Bangor have the greatest selection of senior living options. The other 46 smaller cities in the state of Maine may or may not have an assisted living facility, Alzheimer's care center, independent living community or nursing home.

Maine assisted living facilities Summary InfoThe smaller cities may also be limited in their emergency services, cancer treatment and other specialty senior health care services. Although most seniors choose to live in an assisted living facility nearest their home, many seniors find that assisted living in a larger city provides a better standard of life and more options. Smaller assisted living facilities provide a more personal treatment while larger facilities offer greater amenities. Balancing these factors with cost and proximity to friends and family makes choosing an assisted living facility a very challenging decision. Although most assisted living facilities are less expensive than nursing home, they can be significantly more expensive than living at home. In many areas insurance and Medicare do not pay for assisted living expenses. This can add a significant burden to many seniors retirement savings.

 Complaints And Inspection Of Assisted Living Facilities In Maine

 Assisted living facilities in Maine are inspected by the Community Services Programs, Division of Licensing and Certification. Inspections are performed every one to three years based on the type of the program. To get copies of an inspection report for a Maine assisted living facility, contact the Division of Licensing and Certification at 207-287-9250. This number is also used to request information about complaints for Maine assisted living facilities. To file a complaint against a Maine assisted living facility, call the complaint hotline at 800-383-2441.You may also contact your Maine Ombudsman for assistance at:

  • Brenda Gallant LTC Ombudsman Program
  • 1 Weston Court P.O. Box 128 Augusta, ME 04332
  • website:
  • Phone: (207)621-1079 Fax: (207)621-0509

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