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Massachusetts ranks 12th for having the highest percentage population of seniors but ranks very poorly based on the cost of living. The health care cost of living index for Massachusetts is 119 so it is significantly more expensive for seniors to live in Massachusetts most areas of the United States (average =100). Utilities and housing also rank well above average at 136 and 133 respectively. Of course, longtime residents of Massachusetts have acclimated to the high cost of living and should find it no surprise that assisted living facilities and other senior living options can quickly consume a retirement fund.

Massachusetts  Assisted Living Facilities Inspections and Complaints

Inspections in Massachusetts are performed by the Executive Office of the Elder Affairs. Inspections are performed every two years. To request a copy of an inspection report or a copy of any complaints you can fax the executive office of Elder affairs at 617-727-9368. You can also send a written request to Maggie Dionne, Executive Office of Elder Affairs,1 Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108. You may also call to file a complaint or get more information by contacting the long-term care Ombudsman at:

  •  Mary McKenna, State Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Massachusetts Exec Office of Elder Affairs
  • 1 Ashburton Place 5th Floor Boston, MA 02108-1518
  • Phone: (617)727-7750 Fax: (617)727-9368

These local governmental resources are critical in checking the safety and environment of Massachusetts assisted living facilities. Assisted Senior Living was designed to be used in conjunction with these government resources.

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Luckily Massachusetts does license assisted living facilities so you can get more information at Licensing is not done in all states so it is a definite advantage to know that none of the facilities in Massachusetts have significant safety problems although it would be very nice if they posted the current status of residences. If you don't have the chance to speak to resident yourself, you can use our reviews to help gather more information about various options for assisted living facilities. This site also includes information about costs and other amenities. The greatest majority of the facilities are centered around the Boston area although there are some other options and more remote areas of Massachusetts. When selecting a Massachusetts assisted living facility, there are several factors that you should consider. Proximity to family and friends is the number one factor. Frequent visits both in the facility and outside help keep seniors engaged and happy. Proximity to first-class medical care is also a significant factor. More remote locations and may not have easy access to the special services like cancer treatment and memory care that may be required for some seniors. Other factors to consider include the environment and atmosphere at the facility. By visiting many different facilities and talking to the staff and residents, you can get a good feeling about the environment at each facility. You may also want to check out some of the activities available to residents. Most larger assisted living facilities offer a monthly activities calendar. You may also asked the facility if you can dine in their dining hall so that you can checkout the level of quality of their food. Another minor factor is proximity to surrounding amenities and attractions. Most facilities have routine trips to local venues so facilities and more metropolitan areas have a greater selection of options. Last but not least, cost is a major consideration when choosing an assisted living facility.