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Michigan is ranked perfectly in the center of the country for both population of seniors and for cost of living for seniors. It is also very average for the availability of adult foster care facilities. (In Michigan, they call them adult foster care communities and not assisted living facilities.) The one outstanding area for Michigan is that the cost of health care is below average. That can make those retirement dollars go much further. Michigan does NOT currently license all adult foster homes (assisted living facilities) so there are several other important factors that you must consider when selecting an assisted living facility. This site includes reviews by existing residents of senior living facilities. Although we do allow facilities to respond to reviews, this information can be valuable input when selecting an assisted living, independent living, Alzheimer's center or nursing home. In unlicensed states, it is also very important to visitMichigan independent and assisted living facilities as many facilities as possible and speak to both the residents and staff.

Government Oversight of Assisted Living Facilities In Michigan

Unlike most states, assisted living facilities in Michigan are inspected by the Office of Children And Adult Licensing. Homes for the aged are inspected on an annual basis while adults foster care homes are inspected every other year. Inspection reports and copies of complaints are available by contacting the office of Children And Adult Licensing at 866-856-1026 and are also available online at under Licensing, Adult Foster Care & Homes for the Aged Licensing. They list 188 senior facilities including Alzheimer's care. To file a complaint call 866-856-1026 and/or contact your Michigan Ombudsman:

  • Sarah Slocum, State Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Michigan Office of Services to the Aging
  • 7109 West Saginaw Lansing, MI 48909
  • Tel: (517)335-0148 Fax: (517)373-4092

Assisted Senior Living was designed to work with local an government resources to present all the key information you need when selecting a senior living option.

This directory includes 5154 assisted living options for Michigan. Use the "Advance Search" to find the nearest 40 senior services based on your desired location or select a city and then choose a tab to see different types of senior care including nursing homes, Alzheimer's care centers, CCRCs, independent living, in-home and hospice care.

Nursing Homes
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There are also several other important factors to consider in your selection. Proximity to friends and family is one of the most important factors. Frequent visits and interaction with friends and family both inside and outside the facility is critical to keep seniors engaged and happy. Access to high caliber local medical resources is also a very important factor. In the case of an emergency, it is beneficial to be close to a hospital that focuses on urgent care and has special services for seniors. Cancer treatment, memory care, and geriatric specialists are all excellent resources to have near your assisted living facility. Other factors to consider include amenities and activities. Many Michigan assisted living facilities have activities director to help keep seniors engaged and getting exercise. Activities and social interaction are especially important to someone who has made a significant change in their lifestyle when they entered the assisted living facility. Friendliness of the staff and energy level of the residents are also a factor to consider. Try to avoid a facility where seniors spend all their time watching TV. Of course, that last and most important factor is the cost. Costs in Michigan vary widely based on the size, area of town and amenities included at the facility. Assisted living facilities in larger cities may be more expensive but frequently offer more outside interaction because it is possible to drive to museums, music venues and other entertainment venues. It is best to visit as many facilities as possible before checking in to a facility so you can use our map feature to find all the surrounding Michigan assisted-living facilities.