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Mississippi has a senior population of approximately 350,000 which is only 12% of the population of the state. States like Mississippi that have a smaller senior population usually have the best options for assisted living facilities in the larger cities. The cities the Jackson, Gulfport, Biloxi, and Hattiesburg should have the greatest selection of senior living options. Some of the smaller cities may have less options for assisted living. Alzheimer's care, in-home care, independent living and nursing homes. State-of-the-art emergency care and cancer treatment are just a few of the critical health care needs for those considering different options for senior housing. Access to health care systems must be balanced with access to friends and family to give seniors an enjoyable but safe living environment. Other important factors in selecting an assisted living facility include the cost and amenities. Smaller facilities offer more personal service while larger facilities may have an activities director that keeps life in a facility active and interesting. Safety is also a very critical factor in selecting an assisted living facility. Once you have narrowed down your selection to a few facilities you can contact the local government agencies to get information about these facilities before you make a commitment.


Government Over Sight Of Mississippi Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted living facilities in Mississippi The Department of Health inspects Mississippi assisted living facilities on an annual basis. Inspection reports should be posted at the facility. There are also available by contacting the Department of Health Public Information Office at 601-576-7300. There may be a fee associated with copies of assisted living facility inspection reports. Use this number to request copies of complaints registered for any potential assisted living options. You may use this number to report any complaints against an facility. You may also contact your Mississippi Ombudsman to get help with complaints:

  • Anniece McLemore,State LTC Ombudsman MS Dept. of Human Services, Div. of Aging
  • 750 North State Street Jackson, MS 39202
  • Website:http://www.mdhs.s
  • Phone: (601)359-4927 Fax: (601)359-9664

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This directory includes 740 assisted living options for Mississippi. Use the "Advance Search" to find the nearest 40 senior services based on your desired location or select a city and then choose a tab to see different types of senior care including nursing homes, Alzheimer's care centers, CCRCs, independent living, in-home and hospice care.

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