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New Mexico has a senior population of approximately 230,000 with a bulk of the of the seniors living in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Roswell, Las Cruces, Farmington and Albuquerque. These larger  areas offer a wider variety of assisted living facilities and also offer other critical services for seniors.  Larger cities like Albuquerque offer more specialty health care services like cancer treatment, physical rehabilitation New Mexico Assisted Living and more emergency treatment centers. The 2007 overall cost of living index for New Mexico is 100.2 so the state has an average cost for seniors considering either retirement or assisted living residency in New Mexico.

Assisted Living Facility Governmental Assistance In New Mexico

The New Mexico Health Facilities Licensing and Certification Bureau performs annual inspections of assisted living facilities.To get copies of inspection reports, send a request to the Office of the General Council, 1190 St. Francis Drive N4095, Santa Fe, NM 87502 and names of which facilities you are interested in.  You may also use this address to request listings of complaints for a specific assisted living facility.  If you need to file a complaint against assisted living facility call 800-752-8649 and/or contact your new Mexico Ombudsman:

Sondra Everhart, State LTC Ombudsman, New Mexico Aging & LTC Services Dept.
2550 Cerrillos Road Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: (505)476-4790 Fax: (505)476-4836.

 If you have a non-safety-related complaint or a testimonial for a great New Mexico assisted living facility, please fill out a review on this site and help other New Mexico residents in their assisted living facility search. Creating a review only takes a few minutes.

This directory includes 241 assisted living options for New Mexico. Use the "Advance Search" to find the nearest 40 senior services based on your desired location or select a city and then choose a tab to see different types of senior care including nursing homes, Alzheimer's care centers, CCRCs, independent living, in-home and hospice care.

Nursing Homes
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New Mexico Assisted Living Facility Guide

Several factors should be considered when searching for a new Mexico assisted living facility.  The first and most important is the safety and well-being of the resident.  Try to find facilities within 30 minutes of an emergency care Center to minimize the damage caused by any future health changes.  He also should check any perspective facilities for failures in government inspections and four complaints filed against the facility.  Use the information below to get more safety information.  Staying close to home and the proximity to friends and family are usually the next most important factor in selecting an assisted living facility.  After that, the cost and the amenities at the facility and in the surrounding area are the next most important factors.  Many smaller facilities offer very personal service while larger facilities have additional resources such as activity directors to organize events that can enrich residents lives.