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Pennsylvania is number five in the list of cities with the largest senior population. With an approximate 15%  population of senior residents, Pennsylvania is an excellent area for finding assisted living, independent living and nursing home facilities. The 'cost of living' index for Pennsylvania is 101.9 or about average for the country, and a 'health care cost' index of 99. This is especially important for seniors who have a significant portion of their budget applied to health care costs. Of course, most seniors looking for an assisted living facility are mainly interested in living near their friends and family. Seniors who are planning for their long term care should include these factors in their decision. People who plan for continuous care should select an independent living facility, assisted living facility and a nursing home. By selecting all levels of care, you can be prepared for any change in your health level needs.

Assisted Living In PennsylvaniaOther important factors to consider when selecting an assisted living facility are amenities, safety and access to local activities. Many assisted living facilities include some level of transportation service and usually include daily activities to take residents out of the facility. Assisted living facilities in the larger cities like Philadelphia, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Erie, Bethlehem, Scranton, Altoona and Lancaster will have much greater access to cultural activities like music, plays and festivals. Routine trips to local attractions can make life in an assistant living facility much more enjoyable. These activities are stimulating and help seniors socialize with others. Regardless of what boroughs or township you prefer in Pennsylvania, each area offers a unique set of assisted living, independent living and senior care options.


Pennsylvania Assisted Living Facility Complaints and Inspections

Assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania are inspected by the public welfare department on an annual basis. You may contact the Department of Public Welfare at 800-254-5164. This office can refer you to regional support. You may also use this number to file and request complaints associated with Pennsylvania assisted living facilities. Make sure you narrow your list of potential assisted living facilities before you contact the office to request more information about the facilities.

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