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Although Rhode Island only has about 150,000 seniors in the state, those seniors amount to 14.3% of the population, making the state of Rhode Island the seventh highest percentage of seniors in the United States . Because of the small size of Rhode Island this also makes for a high statewide density of seniors. The majority of this senior citizens live in Providence, Warwick, Cranston and Pawtucket. The larger Rhode Island cities also have a greater Rhode Island Assisted Living selection of assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other senior housing options. The smaller New England townships may have a much more limited number of options for assisted living facilities. Rhode Island is also ranked 7th for the most expensive cost of living in 2007. With the overall cost of living index of 120.7, Rhode Island is way above the rest of the country in cost-of-living with the housing cost-of-living index at a whopping 134.7. These factors combine to make Rhode Island an extremely expensive place for retirement and assisted living.

Assisted Living Facilities: Rhode Island Complaints And Inspection

The Rhode Island Department of Health conducts annual inspections of assisted living facilities. Reports are typically posted at the facility. You may also write them to request copies of complaints and inspection reports at Health Facilities Regulation, 3 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908-5097. There may be a charge associated with copying reports and complaints. To register a complaint call 401-222-5200. You may also contact your Rhode Island Ombudsman:

  • Roberta Hawkins, State LTC Ombudsman
  • Alliance for Better Long Term Care
  • 422 Post Road Suite 204 Warwick, RI 02888
  • Phone: (401)785-3340 Fax: (401)785-3391

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Nursing Homes
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Rhode Island Guide To Assisted Living Facilities

Safety is the single most important factor when selecting an assisted living facility. Use the information below to contact government agencies that are responsible for ensuring that an assisted living facility is maintaining a minimum level of safety. Another very important factor is the proximity of the facility to family and friends. Frequent visits from the family or friends is very important to most assisted living residents. The proximity to emergency medical help is also a factor when selecting assisted-living facility. Try to be at least 30 minutes away from an emergency care Center to minimize any damage from subsequent events like aneurysms, strokes or falls. the cost of the assisted living facility can also have a big impact on some seniors. Although assisted living facilities are usually much less expensive than a nursing home, they are frequently not covered by insurance at the same level so that the out-of-pocket expense at an assisted living facility can be a significant portion of a retirement budget. Another factor to consider is the size of the facility and the amenities offered at the facility. Many smaller facilities offer more personal service while larger facilities offer additional amenities. Activities both inside the facility and in the surrounding area can help keep seniors active and engaged.