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South Carolina is growing as a popular area for retirement and it also had a growing inventory of assisted living facilities. Because South Carolina has more moderate summers than the southern states of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, it has a natural attraction to older residents. South Carolina also has an abundance of natural beauty. With both coastline and plenty of lakes the area has plenty of water and many areas full of lush vegetation and old growth trees. With both Mountains and coastline, the area offers an outdoor environment to please almost any senior. South Carolina is also popular because it has a great combination of culture iSouth Carolina Assisted Living Statusn the larger cities and privacy in the more rural areas. With a total population of just over 4 million residents, South Carolina is large enough to offer a good variety of assisted living facilities especially in the cities Greenville, Charleston, Richland, Spartanburg, Horry and Lexington.

South Carolina Assisted Living Facility Inspection Reports

The Department of Health inspects South Carolina assisted living facilities on an annual basis. To request a copy of an inspection report you must submit a written request to Jody Hamm, FOIA, 2600 Bull St., Columbia, SC 29201, or you can fax your request to 803-898-3816.

South Carolina and assisted living facility complaints

To file a complaint against an assisted living facility in South Carolina, call 803-545-4370. to get copies of assisted living facility complaints, use the fax number or address listed above to contact Jody for copies of a complaint.

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If you are not ready for an assisted living facility and looking for an independent living facility, South Carolina offers an excellent selection of retirement Senior living centers. The low cost of living in South Carolina makes it especially attractive for seniors with limited retirement funds. Although proximity to friends and family is the single most important factor when choosing an assisted living facility, you may also want to consider some other factors. Amenities, safety, and cost can all have a significant impact on your quality of life in a South Carolina assisted living facility. When looking for a place to retire, it is recommended to plan for continuing care by selecting a preferred assisted living facility, independent living facility, in nursing home. By making this decision when you are capable of doing your own research and making an intelligent decision, you'll be prepared in the event of a sudden change in health. Most seniors enter an assisted living facility after leaving a hospital or nursing home after an event such as a fall, aneurysm or stroke. Many people enter an assistant living center only as a temporary measure until they finish their rehabilitation, while others live in assisted living as a long-term residency. Either way moving from one facility to another can be stressful and difficult so we hope that you can use this site to find your ideal assisted living facility before you commit to any one residents.