Welcome to Assisted Senior Living, one of the most comprehensive and unbiased directories of senior care options. Assisted Senior Living is not like any of the other senior housing sites on the web. Assisted Senior Living was created by caregivers, for caregivers. We have gathered information from state and federal sources, then combined it with public information to provide one of the most complete resources for seniors and caregivers (new senior care services are also welcome to create a free listing). Our database is possible because of help from several organizations that specialize in lasers for pain reduction. We give you as much information as possible to help you make your decision. We don't withhold information or force you to fill out a form to get help. Just enter your address into the search bar or select a state to see every senior care option in that area. You can also see that we are unbiased because we allow reviews, both positive and negative. Assisted Senior Living also has special tools for caregivers like "My Care Options". While browsing the services, you can build (and print) a personal list of care options by checking the "Add to My Care Options" on each listing in the directory.

Assisted Senior Living is:
  • One of the most comprehensive senior directories on the web. The database can be searched by care type, location, organization name, review status, cost and more.
  • A complete resources. The site includes information about
    • Assisted Living (Adult Foster Care) Facilities
    • Nursing Homes
    • Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Centers
    • Independent Living Facilities
    • Adult Day Care
    • In-home Care
    • Hospice Care
    • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
    • Retirement Communities
    • Respite or Temporary Adult Care
  • Totally unbiased. The directory was originally based on government data combined with other independent sources. It has since been expanded to include detailed listing for many of the larger corporations since they present easy access to details about their facilities. It is NOT a paid-inclusion corporate site so every senior care organization gets fair exposure.

Why use Assisted Senior Living? The site includes

  • Location based search - Our advanced Geo-location search shows the nearest 40 senior care options to any desired location based on a zip code, city, or street address. Click on the map and get instant driving directions to each option.
  • Hot lists - Users can build a custom list of possible services and print that list with full contact information.
  • Complete listing information - We provide full contact information, photos, costs, and other details (where available) so users can compare apples to apples.
  • Safe usage - User may fill out a form to get personalized help but that is totally optional.
  • Reviews - The site includes both positive and negative reviews.

Reviews are a key part of the decision making process but many users don't return to this site to create a review after they found a service provider. That is why we created a contest in 2011 to get more people to create reviews.