This list is in the process of a major revision. The list was originally started as a summary of the largest assisted living and independent living organizations. We are updating it to include organizaions and corporation that focus on nursing homes.

Some people prefer a smaller home run by locals and some seniors are happier in a larger corporate-run facility. The larger organizations have deep pockets so they have a greater presence in the market when caregivers are a searching for a facility. The larger organization tend to operate larger assisted living facilities with more standardized services and a wider range of amenities. Many of these larger facilities offer multiple services in one facility like independent and assisted living. By offering several services that are health-based, senior can move into a facility and then change their current care plan based on their health. This is a great option for many seniors. The following table shows every senior care corporations that I can find in assisted living and some other large corporation in the senior health field.

The original data for this site was based on Government data so it included many fields like FAX number, license number and number of licensed beds. The problem with government data is that they never keep track of other services offered by an organization. For example, they don't track if an assisted living facility also offers independent living. For this reason, Assisted Senior Living started a program for updating the data based on the corporate sites. Corporate site usually don't show license numbers and other fields but they usually show all their services. By cross-referencing the corporate data with the government data, we are building the most complete data of senior care. We strive for 100% accuracy in our data but rarely meet it. Name changes, Service changes and other business need are forcing the senior providers to constantly adapt and causes inaccuracy. Although we are constantly updating the data, we are a small operation and you can do the math on manually updating 70,000 records every year even if it only takes 1 minute per record. This might be why no governmental institution tries to maintain this level of nationwide records. We must be nuts.
This list is sorted by the number of facilities.

Organization Listings Services/ Locations Type /
Brookdale Senior Living, Inc 1066

Since 1978, Brookdale Senior Living one of the dominating comporations in senior living.

Assisted Living
Genesis HealthCare 380

Genesis HealthCare is the largest provider of nursing home care in the country.

Nursing Homes
HCR ManorCare 280

HCR ManorCare makes is almost impossible to find information about their services. By forcing users to select a service and a city, we can't properly update our records without doing hundreds of searches and then correlating the searches with our database. Sorry.

Nursing Homes
Holiday Retirement 274

Holiday Independent Living has a fantastic website with a lot of information. The are purely independent living.

Independent Living
Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society 268

The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society is one of the largest non-profits in the senior living space.

Assisted Living
Golden Living 257

Golden Living operates around 300 nursing homes across the country. This set of facilities is operated by The Beverly Group.

Nursing Homes
Sunrise Senior Living, Inc. 255

Sunrise Senior Living is one of the top five largest senior living service providers. With over 400 facilities, they are present in every state. The majority of the facilities are named Brighton Gardens and Sunrise. The sunrise facilities are generally assisted living and Alzheimer's with some in...

Sunrise Senior Living, Inc.
5 Star Quality Care 224

This list of 5 star quality care facilities is in process. Due to name changes and acquisitions and an incredibly poorly design web site by 5-star, our directory has many mistakes. We apologize. The original data from the state often had mistakes so at this point in the development of the web sit...

Assisted Living
Life Care Centers of America 223

Life Care Centers of America operate over 150 facilities in almost every state. Most are nursing homes but many include assisted living and memory care with some respite care.

Assisted Living
Assisted Living Concepts Inc 202

Assisted Living Concepts has one the most underdeveloped web sites in the assisted living market. On the corporate website, they list names, addresses and phone numbers only (except for about 5 facilities). This doesn't mean they are not a great management company. They currently manage over 220 ...

Assisted Living
Consulate Health Care 202 Consulate Health Care has over 200 nursing homes in 21 states. Nursing Homes
Atria 121 Atria Senior Living operates over 120 senior care facilities across the country. They house more than 13,000 residents and employ over 8500 employee. They are currently the fourth largest senior care provider in the US. I have to give Atria the award for the best web site for a senior care provider.... Assisted Living
The Ensign Group 113

See for a map of facilities. They don't publish a simple easy to use list. I could not find anywhere they just list their facilities so I will wait until I get a break to click through their labor-intensive map to try and build a complete list.

Nursing Homes
Signature HealthCARE LLC 113 Signature HealthCARE LLC is a mid size nursing home company. Nursing Homes
Bayada Home Health Care 108

Bayada Nurses has about 200 offices across the country. They focus on in home senior and pediatric care.

Home Care
Preferred Care Partners 107 Preferred Care Partners operates over 100 nursing homes.
PruittHealth 97 The PruittHealth family of providers operates more than 90 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. While each location is unique, all share the same hands-?on, heartfelt approach to care delivery. Our centers consistently rank above the nati...
ExtendiCare 90

ExtendiCare is a skilled nursing organization.

Nursing Homes
Avalon Health Care Group 87 Avalon Health Care is mostly nursing homes but they operate a few assisted living and memory care facilities. They have a strong presence in Utah and Washington. This set is only about 50% complete. Nursing Homes
National HealthCare Corporation 83

National HealthCare Corporation is a bit random about the level of details on their website. I think we have good coverage of their nursing homes.

Nursing Homes
Capitol Senior Living 78

Capitol Senior Living is a mid-size senior care provider with about 78 senior facilities. Some of their facilities look really nice, unfortunately their web sites set a new standard for being user unfriendly. I apologize for any inaccuracies on these listing but the don't even include information...

Assisted Living
Senior Lifestyle Corporation 66

I ran Senior Lifestyle Corporation during an update and was surprised at the size of overall organization. Most of their facilities are in similar building that house around 84 seniors. Their main hub is Chicago, where they operate about 30 facilities. They have a useful website with good images ...

Assisted Living
Agape Senior 65 It has been hard to find much information on Agape Senior Care. There are lots of them across the country but they do not have a central website where I can find updates. Assisted Living
Brotoloc Health Care Systems Inc 57 Brotoloc Health Care Systems Inc operate Community Based Residential Facility in Wisconsin. Assisted Living
Elmcroft Senior Living 55 Senior Care, Inc. operates Elmcroft Senior Living facilities under the ElmCroft name. Assisted Living
Life Care Services 54 Life Care Services is primarily an independent living provider but they have several CCRCs. Since CCRCs are hot but hard to find, I started building this list. About 2/3 of the facilities have a web site but they are so random that I gave up on doing their updates. Many of the web site make it so ha... Assisted Living
Pacifica Senior Living 52 Pacicifa Senior Living operates 9 facilities. I originally found them because they purchased a facility from Brookdale or that is how it looks. The facility looks identical to a great number of Brookdale facilities. Their main focus is on Assisted Living but they also offer Alzheimer's and Dementia ... Assisted Living
Regency Pacific 48

I ran across my first Regency Pacific during a massive update in California. Their website is very well designed so it was easy to find enough information to update our database. They seem to be middle of the road for cost and level of luxury. Most of the facilities look well maintained. They ope...

Assisted Living
Tutera Senior Living & Health Care 47 At Tutera, our goal is simple: to provide optimal senior living and health care options that are customized to the needs, goals and desires of our residents, patients and families. We encourage you to visit any of our living or nursing locations and experience the Tutera difference firsthand. Assisted Living
Century Park 45

Century Park operates about 45 higher-end senior care facilities in 25 states. Most are a combination of independent and assisted living. They also say they have retirement living but in general, all senior living can be called retirement living.

Assisted Living
Britthaven, Inc. 40

Britthaven, Inc. has a handful of nice facilities in North Carolina. The facilities are all skilled nursing facilities. Most also offer hospice, Alzheimer's Care, and respite.

Assisted Living
Kindred Healthcare 39 Kindred Healthcare operates 144 nursing homes. Nursing Homes
Bickford Senior Living 36 Bickford Senior Living has one of those terrible flash sites where someone if talking to you in the background, all the text is super small and you can not backup as you explore the site. If you don't have sound on your PC, you will think the web site is broken. I think most users will be happier le... Assisted Living
Frontier Management 35

Frontier Management is large corporation with facilities all over the country.

Assisted Living
Heritage Operations Group 35 Heritage Operations Group operate in Illinois Assisted Living
Laurel Health Care Company 35 Laurel Health Care Company offers mainly skilled nursing options with a few assisted living and independent living options in the North East. Skilled Nursing
Benchmark Assisted Living 34 With just over 40 facilities, Benchmark Senior Living makes the Assisted Senior Living list of major senior care providers. Assisted Living
ABHOW 34 ABHOW has some of the nicest looking CCRCs in the US. CCRC
Leisure Care 33

Leisure Care is more retirement living and independent living than assisted living but we are trying to expand the directory to include every solution for seniors (watch out Leisure Care is a secondary addition to this web site since they are mainly focused on independent li...

Assisted Living
Presbyterian Homes and Services 33 Presbyterian Homes and Services operates a dozen facilities. CCRC
National Church Residences 33 National Church Residences have over 200 facilities Assisted Living
Aegis Living 30

I ran across Aegis while doing updates for Emeritus. One of the facilities listed as Emeritus turned out to be an Aegis Living Facility. They manage facilities in Washington State, California and Nevada. They mainly target assisted living and Alzheimer's care centers.

Assisted Living
Newby Management 29 Newby Management operates a series of mobile home parks for the 55 and up crowd.
Trinity Senior Living Communities 28 Trinity Senior Living Communities operates around 20 facilities mainly in Michigan. Some of the facilities are CCRCs so they offer the full range of senior living options. Assisted Living
BMA Management LTD 28 I just stumbled upon BMA Management LTD while checking our a great review for one of their facilities. Assisted Living
Bee Hive Homes 27 Bee Hive Homes Operate a large network of smaller homes. Some of the homes are converted residences for just a few seniors. Unfortunately they don't have photo of many of their facilities online so you will have to check them out in person. Assisted Living
Keystone Senior Management Services 27 Keystone Senior Management Services operates primarily in Wisconsin. Assisted Living
CareOne 26

CareOne operates a set of New Jersey Senior Care Facilities. They are mostly Nursing Homes for long term care but they own a couple of assisted living and memory care facilities.

Nursing Homes
Prestige Senior Living 26 Prestige Senior Living ranks in the top 20 senior living on Google. Assisted Living
Platinum Health Care 26 Platinum Health Care operate skilled nursing facilities in several states. Nursing Homes
Volunteers of America National Services 26 Volunteers of America National Services is a non-profit organization. Assisted Living
Harbor House Assisted Living 25

Harbor House Assisted Living has a set of Alzheimer's care facilities in Wisconsin. I would have to rate them as one of the worst senior care websites. They have no information except address for individual facilities.

Assisted Living
Watermark Retirement Living 24 Watermark retirement living is one the highest-end senior care service providers in the Assisted Senior Living Directory. I have included a special page here because the photos of their The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods facility blew me away. . They currently manage around 24 facilities ranging fro... Assisted Living
American House 24 American House operates in Michigan Assisted Living
ACTS Retirement-Life Communities, Inc. 24 ACTS Retirement-Life Communities, Inc. operate several high end senior campuses. CCRC
Milestone Senior Living 22 Milestone Senior Living is a very small organization. Assisted Living
Spectrum Retirement 22 Spectrum Retirement has retirement facilities is several states. Retirement
Presbyterian Senior Living 22 I found Presbyterian Senior Living as part of a recent project to group religious based care providers. Assisted Living
Silverado Senior Living 21 Silverado Senior Living has a hand full of senior care facilities mainly in Texas. Assisted Living
Sava Senior Care 21

Sava Senior Care: We have all their facilities listed but not under their ownership.

Nursing Homes
SkilledHealthCare, LLC 21

SkilledHealthCare, LLC doesn't show photo of many of their facilities on their website and they make finding a facility as hard as possible.

Nursing Homes
Belmont Village, L.P. 20

Belmont Village operate a dozen upscale senior care facilities (mainly in California). Many of the facilities offer independent living, assisted living and Alzheimer's care with an option for in-home residential care. This doesn't qualify them as a CCRC since they don't have nursing home support ...

Assisted Living
Brightview Senior Living 20 Bightview Senior Living operates 20 facilities that have a combination of assisted living, independent living and Alzheimer's care. This page was created to help maintain accuracy in the Brightview listings in the database. Assisted Senior Living has no connection with Brightview. Brightview is work... Assisted Living
Autumn Corporation 20 Autumn Corporation operates skilled nursing facilities in North Carolina and Virginia. Assisted Living
Avante Group 20 Avante Group is nursing homes only. They have good pictures on their site and videos too. Nursing Homes
TRISUN Healthcare 20 TRISUN Healthcare operate senior care facilities in Texas. Nursing Homes
Vi Living by Hyatt 19

The same company that manages the chain of Hotels also manages a handful of senior living facilities. Some facility are marketed as Residences and some as Vi Living. After reviewing the facilities, it looks like the Vi Living facilities are all CCRCs. They offer independent living, assisted livin...

Independent Living
Kisco Senior Living 19 Kisco Senior Living owns, develops, and manages a variety of senior and retirement communities, including independent, assisted living, and skilled nursing homes. Community amenities vary and can include meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation, and recreational activities. Kisco operates more... Assisted Living
Integral Senior Living 19 Integral Senior Living has one of the most original websites. They lack important information about their facilities but the general layout of the site is great. Assisted Living
DePaul Adult Care Communities 19 DePaul Adult Care Communities is not-for-profit group that helps seniors and people with addictions get the care they need. Assisted Living
Grace Management 19 Assisted Living
Village Concepts 18 Village Concepts is located in the great North West. Nursing Homes
Spring Arbor Living 18 Spring Arbor Living is operate by HH Hunt. Assisted Living
Colorado Assisted Living Homes, LLC 18 Colorado Assisted Living Homes, LLC operates a series of small homes that have been converted into assisted living facilities. Each home has a live-in nurse. Assisted Living
The Arbor Company 17

I found the Arbor Group while trying to found out what happened to a facility that Sunrise closed in Georgia. I created this page because they have a good website where I could cross-correlate my existing government data with data from their website. The Arbor Group operates facilities in Florida...

Assisted Living
Ashley Manor, L.L.C. 17 Ashley Manor operates facilities in Oregon, Colorado and Idaho. Memory Care
Good Neighbor Care Centers, LLC 17 Good Neighbor Care Centers, LLC offers large facilities across the country. Assisted Living
HarborChase 16

HarborChase has one of the best senior websites. I love the over-sized pictures of everything from the front of the facilities to the food they serve. If was giving awards, I would consider HarborChase.

Assisted Living
Farmington Centers, Inc. 16 The website for Farmington Centers, Inc. is very confusing so I did my best to gather correct information. I wish every senior care provider was sharp enough to show their address on every page of their facility website. Assisted Living
Ridgeline Management Company 16 Ridgeline Management Company operates about 15 facilties from Georgia to California. Assisted Living
Bethesda Senior Living 16 Bethesda Senior Living has some very nice looking facilities. Their website is easy to use and they have unique photos and content for each facility. This is always the sign of a professional organization. Assisted Living
Trilogy Health Services 16 CCRC
Senior Resource Group 15 Senior Resource Group LLC or SRG operates around 20 facilities. This is the summary page for Senior Resource Group facilities. Assisted Living
Bonaventure Senior Living 15

I started updating Bonaventure Senior Living but gave up since their website is so lame. They have the same stock photos and text for every facility. The have about 25 facilities but I could not extract any useful info from their web site.

Assisted Living
Meridian Senior Living 15 Meridian Senior Living must have purchased around 100 facilities for different organizations. As I am updating, I find that the ownership for most facilities is listed as a one-of-kind LLC. Assisted Living
Provena Health 15 Provena Health is mainly operating in Illinois. Nursing Homes
Chelsea Senior Living LLC 14

Another smaller LLC is Chelsea Senior Living. They operate 14 facilities mostly in New Jersey. They have seen a lot of traffic since the directory was created so people are interested in their facilities.

Assisted Living
Erickson Living 14 A last minute addition to the list. Erickson operates over 15 facilities. Assisted Living
Sears Methodist Retirement System 14

Sears Methodist Retirement System operates a handful of religious based senior care facility.

Assisted Living
ElderWood Senior Care 14 ElderWood Senior Care operate in New York. Assisted Living
Management Seven 14 Management Seven is focused on senior care in the South. Assisted Living
Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc 14 Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc operates about 10 Methodist senior living communities in Mississippi. Assisted Living
Rosewood Care Centers 14 Rosewood Care Centers operates in Illinois only. Nursing Homes
White Oak Management, Inc 14 White Oak Management, Inc operates in North Carolina and South Carolina Only Skilled Nursing
Premier Senior Living 14 Premier Senior Living operates a hand full of senior care facilities. Assisted Living
Blue Harbor Senior Living 14 Blue Harbor Senior Living operates coast to coast. Assisted Living
Brandywine Senior Living 13 Another smaller corporation is Brandywine senior living. They are primarily focused in New Jersey, their corporate headquarters location, but they are also strong in Pennsylvania. They manage about 20 locations. All of them include the name Brandywine in the name. Assisted Living
Kaplan Development Group 13 I found the Kaplan Development Group while checking for updates for another large corporate senior care provider. Kaplan Development Group operate a dozen facilities that include Alzheimer's care facilities, Independent living and assisted living. Some of their facilities were listed on as senior li... Assisted Living
Marquis Companies 13 Marquis Companies operate a group of around 30 nursing homes, some areas also offer Alzheimer's Care and In-home services. Their site only has a few tiny photos. Assisted Living
JEA Senior Living 13 JEA Senior Living has not written text on their site but they do have great images. Assisted Living
Juniper Communities 13 I originally found Juniper Communities because they purchase an Encore community in Florida. They operate about 15 propoerties in Florida, NJ, Penn, and Colorado. Assisted Living
Hearth Management, LLC 13 I just found Hearth Management, LLC and will updating all their records. Assisted Living
Lifestyles Senior Housing Managers, LLC 13 Lifestyles Senior Housing Managers, LLC offers senior care in Oregon, California and Washington Assisted Living
Covenant Retirement Communities 13 Covenant Retirement Communities operate about 10 faith based retirement communities. CCRC
Continental Manangement 13 Continental Manangement focuses on Low Income properties Independent Living
12 Oaks Senior Living 12

12 Oaks Senior Living operate 6 luxury assisted living facilities in Texas. Most of them get high rankings from the Texas DADS system.

Assisted Living
Carillon Assisted Living 12 Carillon Assisted Living does not include any photo on their website so it is hard to tell much about their facilities. Carillon is focused on North Carolina. Assisted Living
Rosetta Assisted Living 12 Rosetta Assisted Living has 3 facilities that they call assisted living but they specialize in Memory care so it is confusing. Assisted Living
Commonwealth Assisted Living 12

Commonwealth Assisted Living looks like an upscale senior care provider because their website is so good.

Assisted Living
Petersen Health Care 12 Petersen Health Care has around 74 units. Nursing Homes
Retirement Living Management 12 Retirement Living Management operate in Michigan. Assisted Living
Lifespace Communities, Inc. 12 Lifespace Communities, Inc. operates is 7 states.
Country Meadows 11 Country Meadows operate a small group of senior care facilities in PA. Assisted Living
Long Term Care Management Services, LLC 11 Long Term Care Management Services, LLC operates in the South. Nursing Homes
St. Francis Health Services 11 St. Francis Health Services operate several religious base senior care service in Minnesota Nursing Homes
Arbor House Corporate Office 11 Arbor House Corporate Office in not associated with the Arbor Houses in MI. They are in Texas and OK only. Assisted Living
Touchstone Senior Services 11 Touchstone Senior Services operates in Wisconsin Assisted Living
Mission Healthcare 11 Mission Healthcare is a Lutheran based organization that operates nursing homes, assisted living and CCRCs. Nursing Homes
Merrill Gardens, LLC 10 We are getting down to the smallest of the big corporations with Merrill Gardens. Their web site is a little cartoonish but they do offer a good selection to moderately priced senior care options. Merrill Gardens is mostly focused in California and Washington state. Merrill Gardens manages just over... Assisted Living
BPM Senior Living 10

BPM Senior operates 17 facilities, mostly in California. At least of of the facilities was purchased from Kisco. All the facility are either independent of assisted living and some also offer Alzheimer's and dementia care. On of the facilities has several negative reviews but this could be becaus...

Assisted Living
Capri Communities 10 It all started our with a complaint about the quality of the listing for Milwaukee. I started checking out the listing and many were worthless. They were all based on government records with are sometime imperfect. I did not see any nationwide chains in the area so Wisconsin was mostly out of date. ... Assisted Living
Elite Care 10 Elite Care Operate just 2 facilities in Oregon but I like the way they talk about senior care so I added to this list. Assisted Living
Senior Living Communities, LLC. 10 Senior Living Communities, LLC. operates the site This was a brilliant idea because now they are number one for the keywords " Senior Living Communities". This means that anyone doing a generic search will go to their website since they have the top 4 results in Google... Assisted Living
Rennes Assisted Living 10 Rennes Assisted Living operate 12 facilities. Assisted Living
Provision Living, LLC 10 Assisted Living
Horizon Bay 9 Horizon Bay Senior Living operate a wide variety of senior care facilities with an emphasis on independent living. A majority of their facilities are very large housing more than 150 seniors. They also design their facilities with large grounds. Some of the facilities are built on 10 plus acres so t... Assisted Living
Senior Star Living 9 Senior Star living operates a hand full of facilities in the central region of the country. Their web site is so unclear that they never tell if they offer independent living or other services so I have all their facilities listed as assisted living based on previous data. They don't show any pictur... Assisted Living
Highgate Senior Living 9 At all Highgate locations, we welcome people requiring Memory Care to our special place known as The Cottage. Assisted Living
Carlton Senior Living 9

Carlton Senior Living operate about 8 assisted living and independent living facilities.

Assisted Living
EPOCH Senior Living 9 EPOCH Senior Living operates about 10 nursing homes. Some include Alzheimer's care centers. Assisted Living
Country Cottages 9

Country Cottages operates a family-business with about 9 assisted living facilities. Most facilities are in Alabama.

Assisted Living
American Baptist Homes of the Midwest 9 American Baptist Homes of the Midwest includes Colorado. Nursing Homes
Seniors Management-North, Inc 9

Seniors Management-North, Inc operates a handful of senior care facilities.

Nursing Homes
Quality Life Management, LLC. 9 Quality Life Management, LLC. operates facilities in Colorado. Nursing Home
Western States Lodging 8 Selection in Utah is pretty light with less than 500 options but Western States Lodging has about 8 nice facilities. Assisted Living
IntegraCare 8 IntegraCare Runs a group of about 8 assisted living and memory care facilities in Pa. Assisted Living
ERA Living Inc. 8 I just started a new update based on which listing get the most clicks. Era Living Inc. is a hot senior living provider with 8 facilities in Washington. Assisted Living
Greenfield Senior Living 8 Greenfield Senior Living has one of the worst websites for seniors. The Flashing bright green 'Flash' home page is enough to send some senior into a mental breakdown. Assisted Living
Senior Solutions Management Group, LLC 8 Senior Solutions Management Group, LLC owns about 8 facilities in Georgia and Tennessee. Assisted Living
Universal Health Care 8 Small but still a good option. Nursing Homes
Allegro 8 Alegro operate some very nice looking facilities in Florida Assisted Living
Methodist Homes Corporation 8 Methodist Homes Corporation has a dozen Methodist senior care facilities. Assisted Living
HealthBridge Management 8 HealthBridge Management operate is several states. Nursing Homes
Lorien Health Systems 8 Lorien Health Systems manages mainly nursing facilities. Skilled Nursing
Pathway Senior Living 8 Pathway Senior Living operate a small number of assisted living facilities. Assisted Living
Ultimate Care New York 7 Ultimate Care New York operates a string of around 7 assisted living facilities all with the name "The Bristol". Assisted Living
Chancellor Health Partners 7 Chancellor Health Partners operates 3 facilities in WV. This makes them one of the larger chains in WV since most facilities are single owners. They also operate some facilities in Ohio. They support independent living, assisted living and some memory care. Assisted Living
Lutheran Services for the Aging 7 Lutheran Services for the Aging operate about 8 facilities. Assisted Living
Springpoint Senior Living 7 Springpoint Senior Living is based on New Jersey and operate some very nice looking facilities. CCRC
Atrium Health 7 Atrium Health operate about 8 great looking nursing homes in NJ. Nursing Homes
Other Service Provider that don't have a summary page.

Sunwest Management Inc. (Privately owned)

3723 Fairview
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 375-9016

(Blue States)

Sunwest assisted living

  • Retirement Communities
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Respite Care
  • Alzheimer's Care Communities

SMI managed approximately 200 communities nationwide.

Sunwest is selling 138 facilities to Emeritus/Blackstone so they will soon fall way down the list.

Carefree Senior Living 3 super high-caliber facilities in California and Nevada.

Heritage Health Care Management Services

  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Alzheimer's/ Dementia Care
They offer 12 senior care facilities in Colorado and 2 others.
Franciscan Communities 14 communities church based
Bon Secours 3 facilties

Aston Gardens


Florida 6 luxury retirement communities with assisted living in Florida
CaraVita 3 facilties
Pine Crest Communtites 4 facilities

Laureate Group


  8 facilities in Wisconsin
Centura Senior Services   6 facilities in Colorado



Use the search by facility name and choose AnewStarr from the owner's list to review this facilities. 3 facilities in Wisconsin

Elizabeth Residences


Use the search by facility name and choose Elizabeth Residences from the owner's list to review this facilities. 5 facilities in Wisconsin

These groups will be update ASAP.  
Oakdale Management Group They are out of business. The sold 9 facilities to Pacifica and I am trying to find out what they did with the remaining facilities. Some of them were sold to 5 star, Sign of the Dove and Westmont Living. I deleted 2 listing since I could not find the new owner. Before going under, they had over 30 facilities.
Trans Healthcare Going out of business