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324 Wilder Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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This facility offers Nursing Home Services at Manor On The Green 1Nursing Home Services in Volusia County. Manor On The Green 1 has a current rating of 1/10 based on 2 Review(s) by Assisted Senior Living users. Manor On The Green 1 is listed as a for-profit corporation. The nearest services to Manor On The Green 1 are Rastelle Manor, Sandalwood Nursing Center, Home Instead Senior Care, Horizon Healthcare Center at Daytona and Golden Abbey Assisted Living. This facility/service is rated for 192 seniors. This service is described as Nursing Home Facility.
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Contact Information
Name: Manor On The Green 1
Address: 324 Wilder Blvd
Location: Daytona Beach, FL 32114
County: Volusia
(877) 386-8069
(386) 252-2600
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Medicare Accepted / Medicaid Accepted
Org. Type: for-profit corporation
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Details About Manor On The Green 1
Manor On The Green 1 Reviews
2 Star Rating Friends and family have lived here most unhappily
For several years I have had friends and family in this facility. It's supposed to be a nursing home and rehabilitation facility, not a mental institution. However most patients/residents are treated more like mental patients. Most residents have the same complaints and I have witnessed these things as well. I want my name withheld. COMPLAINTS: Scanty and poor food choices and odd food combination. Not responding quickly to patients' call buzzers, resulting in injuries and possibly death. No security measures to prevent intruders. Poor security to prevent residents leaving the premises unaided and unauthorized. Peeling walls. Dirty floors. Pressure sores. Fungal infections. Wound care is insufficient. Broken bones. Thefts by staff members. Physical abuse by CNA's. Accidents and incidents are not always reported to family members and cover ups and excuses are frequent. Clothing, money and personal items disappear in the laundry room. Showers and baths are too infrequent. Residents are in fear of retribution if they complain. Residents' suggestions in Resident Council meetings are mostly ignored. Activities are too few and too boring. Outings are rare: facility has no transport vehicle. Most rooms are too small. There are too many seriously mentally ill/handicapped patients allowed to co-exist and be roommates with physically ill/handicapped patients, and this has resulted in fights and injuries. The in-house policy for dealing with complaints by a resident about their issued roommate is to move the complainer to another room instead of removing the offender. Administrators deny all these complaints if possible.
Posted by: nlarsen On 07/12/2011
0 Star Rating Lousy Menu And A Safety Problem
I visit a friend here very often and have seen what she gets served at meals. I think whoever writes the menu doesn't have a clue about food groups or nutrition. Like serving corn dogs with half cooked squash or one thin piece of baloney on dry white bread with potatoes chips for dinner. They say they get maybe 2 or 3 halfway good meals a week at lunchtime. Everybody I know there gripes about the food and I saw myself why. They also pass off instant drink mixes as real juice. And the coffee cups are so dirty that stuff and grease floats in them sometimes. And now they made a place outside for the patients that are smokers to go where it's not safe because there is not enough shade to get in except under a small gazebo thing. And people in wheelchairs keep running off of the concrete path to it and tilting over and getting stuck in the sand because it should be all concrete out there. Not a narrow path where 2 wheelchairs can't pass one another. Three people got stuck one day when I was there for less than a half an hour. Somebody can get really hurt. Whoever they have making up these plans needs to be changing things. But the people there said they made complaints and were told if they don't like it then they can leave.
Posted by: nlarsen On 08/22/2011 Add your review of Manor On The Green 1

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