Assisted living facilities in Yakima, Washington, can take advantage of the great agricultural area that enjoys sun drenched days and sparkling rivers. Like all assisted living facilities, those that are situated in Yakima, Washington, are built near parks and shopping areas where seniors can enjoy themselves in quiet walks or in a private dining facility following a day shopping outside of their assisted facility home. Their assisted facility home has much to offer their guests if they desire to entertain. The enjoyment of both an individualized living arrangement with the assistance in health and living areas that are found in assisted living facilities make them the perfect choice for seniors who need health and living assistance but who desire to maintain their daily living habits of shopping, dining and entertaining as well.

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202 N 7th StYakima, WA 98901 Since the 1970's Comprehensive has been providing hope and services to children, adults, and families
(509) 575-4084
Assisted Living
6 N 6th StYakima, WA 98901 Sun Tower is a retirement residence designed to serve Senior Citizens of low income in Yakima Washington
(509) 248-3191
Assisted Living Independent Living
4100 Englewood AvenueYakima, WA 98908-2677 Brookdale Yakima, formerly Wynwood of Yakima, is a Yakima, WA assisted living community for seniors. The living experience is highly personalized. We take time to know your life stories, your family, your friends and your dreams. The emphasis is letting you do what you can and helping you stay as ...
5100 W Nob Hill BlvdYakima, WA 98908-3773 At Assisted Living Concepts, we create warm, supportive, home-like residences for older adults. From social, cultural and educational life enrichment programs to amenities that foster an easy way of life, our respect for each resident's individuality is at the center of all that we do. Our ...
(509) 972-7862
Assisted Living
5605 W Chestnut AveYakima, WA 98908 For those seeking Assisted Living in South Central Washington, Highgate Yakima welcomes you to a beautiful Manor that provides all the comforts of home and pleasures of Yakima Valley. Tucked into a quiet residential neighborhood on the west side of town, Highgate Yakima is just a couple of blocks ...
(509) 972-4141
Alzheimer's Care Assisted Living
907 Ida BelleSunnyside, WA 98944 Sun Terrace Retirement and Assisted Living Community's assisted living options offer personalized assistance, supportive services and compassionate care in a professionally managed, carefully designed, retirement community setting. It's the perfect alternative for seniors who can no longer live on ...
(509) 839-0579
Assisted Living Retirement Community Independent Living
302 North 9th StreetYakima, WA 98901 Ella Rosas Adult Family Home offers assisted living .
(509) 577-8369
Assisted Living
624 S Pleasant AveYakima, WA 98902 Caring Hands offers assisted living .
(509) 453-4449
315 N 9th StYakima, WA 98901 Dollys Loving Care AFH offers assisted living .
(509) 469-9313
Assisted Living
1213 Pleasant AveYakima, WA 98902 Deaver Adult Foster Home offers senior care (assisted living) .
(509) 453-1564
Assisted Living
1503 Cherry AveYakima, WA 98902 Shirley's Place offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 457-0266
Assisted Living
226 S 16th AveYakima, WA 98902 Covenant House offers assisted living .
(509) 453-1301
Assisted Living
804 W Viola AveYakima, WA 98902 Viola Home offers assisted living/senior care .
(509) 573-9470
Assisted Living
1501 S 6th AveYakima, WA 98902 Harmony House AFH offers senior care (assisted living) .
(509) 249-0867
Assisted Living
1608 C Drake CourtYakima, WA 98902 Hawthorn South offers assisted living .
(509) 457-3479
Assisted Living
1301 Rock AveYakima, WA 98902 The Meadows offers senior care (assisted living) .
(509) 469-8970
Assisted Living
1608 B Drake CourtYakima, WA 98902 Oakridge North offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 469-2764
Assisted Living
402 S 16th AveYakima, WA 98902 Lola Kay offers assisted living .
(509) 453-0407
Assisted Living
1608 D Drake CourtYakima, WA 98902 Hawthorn North offers senior care (assisted living) .
(509) 952-5251
Assisted Living
1608 A Drake CourtYakima, WA 98902 Oakridge South offers assisted living .
(509) 453-2870
Assisted Living
1011 S 21st AveYakima, WA 98902 Margaret Gutierrez AFH offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 574-8763
Assisted Living
1700 B Cedar Hills CtYakima, WA 98902 Holbrook South offers assisted living .
(509) 249-2979
Assisted Living
1701 A Cedar Hills CtYakima, WA 98902 Rockenfield North offers assisted living .
(509) 454-4544
Assisted Living
1701 B Cedar Hills CtYakima, WA 98902 Rockenfield South offers assisted living .
(509) 576-8692
Assisted Living
525 W WashingtonYakima, WA 98903 Apple Creek offers assisted living/senior care .
(509) 248-2809
616 S 30th AveYakima, WA 98902 Ellen House AFH offers elder care (assisted living) .
(509) 895-7149
Assisted Living
3300 Englewood AveYakima, WA 98902 Ponderosa Retirement Center offers senior care (assisted living) -retirement community living .
(509) 453-1366
601 N 39th StYakima, WA 98901 Miranda Care offers assisted living/senior care .
(509) 577-0423
Assisted Living
581 Sage Trail RdYakima, WA 98901 Hillsong Manor offers assisted living/senior care .
(509) 454-4538
708 S 34th AveYakima, WA 98902 Cozy House AFH offers assisted living .
(509) 469-9001
Assisted Living
3801 Summitview AveYakima, WA 98902 HiLLCrest At Summitview offers senior care (assisted living) .
(509) 966-6240
Assisted Living
701 N 39th AveYakima, WA 98902 Chandler House - Unit A offers elder care (assisted living) .
(509) 248-1007
Assisted Living
1100 N 35th AveYakima, WA 98902 Chesterley Court Memory Care Community offers assisted living .
(509) 452-1010
Alzheimer's Care Assisted Living
1100 N 35th AvenueYakima, WA 98902 Chesterley Meadows Assisted Living Community offers senior care (assisted living) .
(509) 452-1010
Assisted Living
3710 Kern RoadYakima, WA 98902 Englewood Heights Senior Living Community offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 452-5822
Assisted Living
3706 Kern RoadYakima, WA 98902 Arbor House Memory Care Community offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 452-0629
Alzheimer's Care Assisted Living
1006 S 49th AveYakima, WA 98908 Juttas AFH offers assisted living/senior care .
(509) 966-8401
Assisted Living
8506 W ArlingtonYakima, WA 98908 Arlington House LLC offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 952-8405
Assisted Living
555 E Goodlander RdSelah, WA 98942 Riverview Manor offers senior care (assisted living) .
(509) 697-3333
Assisted Living
502 N 62nd AveYakima, WA 98908 Terry's Home offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 965-8340
408 N 55th AveYakima, WA 98908 Foresyth Place offers aid with activities of daily living .
(509) 972-0965
Assisted Living
1700 Cedar Hill Ct No. AYakima, WA 98902 Holbrook North offers elder care (assisted living) .
(509) 452-8477
Assisted Living
5704 Douglas DrYakima, WA 98908 Angel House AFH offers elder care (assisted living) .
(509) 972-0416
Assisted Living
406 S 60th AveYakima, WA 98908 View Haven Manor offers assisted living/senior care .
(509) 966-0736
Assisted Living
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